Welcome to the Bigtime, Cutie

(Genre: Contemporary Fiction, LGBT, Feminist)

(Randi and the Maestro: Book Two)

Dark Artemis Rising!

Following an awful gig in Texas, Dark Artemis's future is uncertain and Randi and the Maestro find themselves a world apart...literally. Fortune brings the girls together again, and a familiar-looking stranger arrives at Jennifer's doorstep.  
Finally in control of her destiny, or so she thinks, Jennifer moves the band to Los Angeles while Randi struggles with her inner demons. Dark Artemis slowly gains popularity; and notoriety, as the girls' romantic relationship becomes public. The band breaks big, tragedy strikes, and their fate is once again unknown.

"Daddy used to say the Devil always collects his due. Ironic. But whatever debts Jennifer Harrington may have owed the Dark One, his fees were mighty steep."

(Genre: Contemporary Fiction, LGBT, Feminist)

Randi and the Maestro

Forbidden music, forbidden love

Sheltered musical prodigy Jennifer Harrington thinks her life is destined for misery, until she meets Randi, a wily, talented young vocalist with a chip on her shoulder. They fall madly in love, raising the eyebrows of peers and inciting her religious father’s rage. The two form a romantic bond, then a heavy metal band. Randi and the Maestro is a powerful, emotional tale of love and courage overcoming pain and fear.


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