Christi Brekke is a musician, advocate and writer of fiction and narrative non-fiction. She hails from the US Pacific Northwest, and currently lives in South Texas. 

In 2014, Christi made the tough decision to transition from male to female after decades of depression, weight/overeating issues, and just overall misery. A year later, she wrote and self-published her memoir, "I Want to Be Her."

Christi wore many hats in her former life. She waited tables, washed cars, tossed pizzas and folded tacos as a teenager and young adult. After getting married, she worked in accounts payable, music ministry, and as a high school music teacher. Most of her past life efforts involved music in one form or another.

In 2017, she released her first novel, "Randi and the Maestro." In 2018, she published her second novel of the Maestro Series, "Welcome to the Bigtime, Cutie."


In 2019, Christi published her second memoir, "Becoming, Belonging & Blossoming."

Her focus now, other than sharing her stories with the world, is finding every opportunity to be happy and experience life's joys.


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