April 7, 2018

A few years ago, as I was researching trans stuff prior to my decision to transition, making lists of pros and cons, I kept reading about the loss of my male privilege.

“Male privilege?” I asked myself. “What male privilege?”

All those years pretending to be a man, I nev...

February 27, 2018

Being trans is never easy. Whether we’re still questioning, in the closet, transitioning or fully-transitioned, just being transgender in our culture is inherently difficult. My very existence puts me at odds with some of our most basic and deeply-held beliefs. Granted...

January 9, 2017

I grew up a man, with all the inherent advantages that come with it. "Male privilege" is powerful, an automatic one-way ticket to a life of dominance and control. Being born male rather than female is akin to being born wealthy rather than poor. Male privilege was wast...

November 14, 2016

American Feminism may be alive and well, but her bottom is still aflame from the collective spanking we all received on the evening of November 8, 2016.

It seemed as though America had finally gotten over sexism, for the most part. Literature, film and television had al...

September 27, 2016

When I decided to undergo hormone replacement therapy to transition from male to female, I knew there would be noticeable and significant changes to my body. It's a second puberty, after all. I knew that my muscles would wane and I would lose physical strength, especia...

July 24, 2016


a short story


Christi Brekke

 “Oh god, not again!” she sobbed into her pillow as her hand squeezed the nasty thing protruding from between her legs, hoping to choke the life out of it.

       She got out of bed, sniffing her tears back into her eyes, and stumble...

July 18, 2016

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Mina of Charendalle

(Featuring Rey from, and set in the galaxy of, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens)

 “Leave me alone!” a child’s voice shrieked from behind a dusky hut as Rey was walking near.

       Concerned, she quickly darte...

June 19, 2016

I spent the better part of forty years trying to be one, but I never got there because I'm just not a man. And for all those years I struggled desperately to meet society's definition of it, I had no fondness or appreciation for them as a whole whatsoever. I always lik...

May 24, 2016






Christi Brekke









               Business as usual. Scores of weary travelers, toting their
               suitcases and duffle...

May 17, 2016

An Afternoon at The Silverstar

a short story


Christi Brekke

“I thought we were going to the lake today!” she hollered after John told her he was driving to Tonopah for the day instead. “I made plans with Sarah and everything.”

      “Well, something came up, April.” He b...

May 6, 2016

A long time ago, in a......well, you know...


As a trans person with gender dysphoria, what I wanted more than anything was to be in a body that corresponded to my gender identity. As a child, of course, I had no concept of transgender or dysphoria or any of it. I just...

May 5, 2016


“There’s hardly anybody here,” my wife told me, which was a lie. There were people everywhere, eyes peeled, ready to clock me (expose my former gender) at the first hint of suspicion.


            “And besides,” she continued, “you’re a woman…and you...

April 18, 2016

Trans women have an inherent stake in feminism. We are, after all, women, and most of us believe in gender equality. But what of those us who've chosen a more traditional life path, one that more closely resembles something feminism has been trying to eradicate for the...

April 15, 2016

I could start this by giving some facts about trans people and the misinformation that is flying around the media-sphere fueling this whole mess, but the Restroom Wars have nothing to do with facts.


The recent battles over trans people using public restrooms and other...

March 6, 2016

In the arena of human studies, perhaps no two words are more frequently misconstrued and confused for one another than “gender” and “sex.” And although they are two entirely different terms and concepts, to many, they are one and the same. 



" be a woman...

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