Becoming, Belonging

& Blossoming

Diaries of a Trans Girl in Trumpland

From the author of "I Want to Be Her: a Memoir," a new collection of narratives following the ups and downs of one transgender woman coming into her own in Donald Trump's America.


"Being trans in the US was hard enough during the Obama Administration, when public policy and sentiment were leaning ever so slightly in our favor.

Being trans in Trumpland is like waking up each day in a bad episode of The Twilight Zone. Only it isn’t a TV show.


It’s frighteningly real."

I Want to Be Her:

A Memoir

A transgender memoir, newly revised,with trans narratives, short stories and more!
Bold, heartfelt and unapologetic! One trans woman’s journey from misery to true happiness. Join Christi as she courageously shares her story…from childhood, adolescence and adulthood to the early stages of her transition.


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